The Terry home on Seaview Avenue




            GROWING UP NORTHPORT      




A coming of age story set in the mid-sixties revolving around young John Terry, one of seven siblings in an Irish Catholic family growing up in the seaside village of Northport, nestled on the north shore of eastern Long Island.


Young John’s world is chock full of crazy relatives, wonderful family friends, scary neighbors, the Catholic Church, those damn Kennedys, a midget, a spider monkey, the beautiful village and town docks of Northport and the horrifying Terry family murder.  


Northport is just about 50 miles due east of New York City but in the summer of 1965 it might as well have been 500 miles.  Sure, the Viet Nam War was starting to rage, drugs, rock music and the hippie movement were all in full swing.  Northport however, was still a small village, seemingly insulated from the outside world where most families knew each other and many fathers either worked on the water or broke their backs at Steers Sand & Gravel.  It was a town where parents never thought twice about letting their young kids run wild for hours outside, playing with neighborhood kids or fishing down at the town docks.  It was a town where all the Main Street merchants knew you by your fist name and you were taught at an early age that you could count on any of them to help you if you got yourself into a jam.  Northport was a wonderful, special world for a young boy to grow up in but as usual, life has a way of throwing you a curve ball.  This is my story of Growing Up Northport.


Photo of the Gazebo in the town park

Northport Dock